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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Member Pages

Hi, I have done a little more work on the member pages.

Can all SSKC members complete all/any missing details on your page.
In the side bar go down to the Dan and Kyu grade tables, if I have produced a template page for you your name will be underlined.
I have completed pages for 9th Kyu's upwards at the moment, but all members will have a page very shortly.

Take a look at Dave's page for a good example of what you could produce.

Please print off your page and fill in all / any missing details, even better if you want to write a fair bit on your page e mail me a word document so I can cut and past it in.


If you have jumped into the middle of our blog via a search engine you may want to go to our latest post; please follow the link below that will relaunch the blog

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    • Paul

      Glad to see all is going well at SSKC. Well done to all who graded last week. I have also started a blog the address is chuldowmartialarts.blogspot.com
      Please take a look.
      I have added a link to SSKC already


      By Blogger Ian Culpan, at 2:26 PM  

    • Thanks Ian,
      A link to your blog is now in the sidebar.
      Happy Blogging

      By Blogger Selby Karateka, at 10:07 AM  

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