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Sunday, May 27, 2007

SSKC Kata and Kumite Competition May 2007

A Great club competition, thank you to all our younger members that took part. It is invaluable to get used to competition at a young age, before the nerves set in.

Sensei Ash took the normal warm ups followed by some Kihon before the competition started.
The session was more around teaching students about competition and was kept as light as possible, quite a few students haven't even graded yet so we didn't want to frighten them off.

Above: Joe and Dom perform Heian Shodan

Above: Dom and Daniel perform Heian Yondan
Above: Josh and Michael, Heian Shodan - Michael has only been training with the club a few weeks and is due to grade in June for the first time. He is working very hard under the critical eye of his father Sensei Andy Denby who has also recently joined SSKC and the IJKA.

Above: Michael's Sister Georgia competes against Joe

Above: Michael wins through to the final!
He gives Rebecca a really good run for her money, after drawing against her twice the third time goes to the referees decision, not an easy decision for Bernard. Michael gets a highly commended second place, well done Michael.

We were very pleased to welcome Sensei Andy Bailey, an Ex SSKC member and an occasional visitor to the club when he is in the area visiting his parents. Andy kindly did some judging and presented the Kata thophies for us. Thanks Andy.

1st Rebecca Brant
2nd Michael Denby
3rd Dominic Schilke
4th Joe Varga
Well done Joe an excellent result.

Above: Daniel and Rebecca had a long, long fight to decide the winner, how many times can you draw? well they were both very tired and had both received a few hard knocks from each other. In the photo I think Daniel has the upper hand, but Rebecca dug deep to fight back.

Above: Not quite sure why Sensei Helen is in Moksou when she is meant to be judging?

Sensei Ian Culpan was another welcome guest, his parents bought the club the Kumite trophy in the early 1980's and it was an honour to have Ian do some of the judging and present the trophy that his parents had bought so many years before. Thanks Ian.

1st Rebecca Brant

2nd Dominic Schilke

3rd Daniel Kozelko

4th Sam Dennis

Above: The Kata and Kumite winners

Rear Left to Right: Senseis Ashley Dilcock, Andy Denby,Ian Culpan and Andy Bailey.

Front Left to Right: Dominic Schilke, Daniel Kozelko, Rebecca Brant and Michael Denby

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    • Thanks to the SSKC for making myself and Ian welcome last night. It was a real honour asking me to present the Kata trophies. I was extremely impressed with everyones enthusiasm and spirit in the competition. I hope that Rebecca Brant isn't too tired this morning. She really had to work extra hard for her two first place positions. Was it 3 replays in the kunite and 3 in the Kata due to ties?. Well done Rebecca and the other second and third place winners.
      After the competition Ashley took a half hour training session for all of us that wanted to stay. Sensei Ian Culpan and myself took him up on the offer along with a few of the clubs senior grades. We went through Goju shio sho and Gan Kaku then had a quick Kumite Session where I ended up flat on my backside from an excellent ashi barai from Ash. (Getting too old for this. NOT!). Hope to see you all again soon.

      Thanks again.

      Andy Bailey

      By Blogger Andy Bailey, at 7:50 AM  

    • All

      As Andy has stated it was an honour to present the well earned trophies. My parents bought the cup because they were so impressed with the way the club was run and the attitude of the students, well 21 years later and nothing has changed. Every single member gave it their all, and everyone deserves congratulations.
      Sensei Paul did an excellent job organising the event and thanks to the other instructors who judged.
      Thanks to all for making me feel welcome, it is a long while since I have judged any tournament, but it was a joy to do.
      Thanks to Sensei Ash for putting us through our paces and having us at your club.
      Hope to see you soon, all the best

      Ian Culpan

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:51 PM  

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