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Friday, June 29, 2007

My favourite karate Blog

The Internet is vast and often searching around you may miss some real gems. I have been a frequent visitor to Sensei Goodin's blog, it is listed in the sidebar "Karate Thoughts Blog". If you have never visited it I highly recommend it.
What do I like about it, well it is a balance of informal instruction, there is a wealth of information that Sensei has to share, he is extremely learned in the field of Karate, a lifetime scholar, but you get the feeling you are reading a note left to you by a friend.
Perhaps Sensei Goodin has truly found the way.
So take a look from an "Aloha" to "respectfully yours" you will enjoy the posts.
Claire and I visited Hawaii for our 20th Anniversary and Claire would love to go back, perhaps for our 25th? Sensei if we visit your lovely Island again in 2010,will you show me how to relax for a small donation to the karate museum?
Respectfully Yours
Paul S.Brant
(Just starting on the way)

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