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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June Course and Grading with Sensei Kato

Congratulations to all Selby, Haxby and York Students that passed their gradings following Kato Shihan's course at the weekend. The Roll of Honour from Selby was as follows:

Rebecca Brant 2nd Kyu,

Dominic Schilke 2nd Kyu (temp) (full grade pass),

Josh Hartley 5th Kyu,

Emma Moraes and Claire Hardy 8th Kyu,

Alan Coward,Kelvin Mizen, Amanda Stevens, Michael and Georgia Denby 9th Kyu passes, Callum Taylor-Saunders,Phoebe Moraes, Lewis Coward and Josh Hardy 11th Kyu,

and last but not least Ciaron Stevens and James Kozelko 12th Kyu.

Sensei had a special mention for Emma's punches and Rebecca's kicks.

Above: Choku-Zuki Jodan meets Age Uke, nice block Phoebe

Sensei focused on correct targets and Strong blocks

Above: Kato Shihan demonstrates how easy karate is!

Above: Sensei gives James a bit of personal instruction

Drills were performed stationary and then stepping forwards and backwards

Above: Kato Shihan - Gedan Bari

Above: Kato Shihan- Oi Zuki Chudan

Above: Kato Shihan demonstrates with Sensei Mick and Sensei Nick

Above: student and master

Above: Kato Shihan corrects Josh's punching position

Above: Josh just keep that knee forward and still

Above: Kato Shihan correct James's knee position

Above: Keep that knee still.

Above: Sensei Mick Gude performs Sochin

Above:Sensei Mick with some Sochin application

Above: Thomas and Helen are awarded their Shodan certificates

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    • The standard was definately higher after last grading's 'wake-up call'. Well done to everyone who attended the taining and congratulations to those karateka who successfully graded on Sunday.

      By Anonymous Bernard Schilke, at 7:51 PM  

    • Thanks Bernard,
      Your support of the club is greatly appreciated.
      A good grading for Dom, with the next grading not until mid November there is pleanty of time to fine tune techniques with a view of 1st Kuyu in November?
      C U Sunday.

      By Blogger Selby Karateka, at 10:18 AM  

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