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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Old Sweats - History of our Club

A month or so back Gullen Shihan gave me an old club sweatshirt, I thanked him and put it in my bag.

I have known the club goes back a few years but I still dont know how far.

The logo is for 1968 so It looks like the club goes back 40 years or so, at least. The sponsors on the sweatshirt were "Mortage Sense" from Selby, I believe they are still going strong as well.

I would like to research the history of the club and add it to the blog, hopefully a list of Instructors, when and where the club trained around Selby and any highlights etc.

If you are an old sweat of the club please email me with a piece of the jigsaw so I can try and slow put the history togeather.

Does anyone know what the clubs link with Mortgage Sense were?

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    • Hi Paul,

      When I started in 1984 (At 14yrs) at Shapers Gym which eventually went bankrupt in about 1986ish. We then trained at Selby squash club for a short time then moved to two sessions a week at Scott Road Community on Tuesdays and St Marys Hall on a Friday. We trained there for quite a few years and were still there when I left in the mid 90's.
      Sensei Steve Cook was the Senior Instructor then. He was a Nidan when I started.
      There was Alan Graham, Shodan and his Brother Steven Graham who was a 1st Kyu Brown Belt when I started and later got his Shodan.
      There was also Paul Hayes, 1st Kyu
      Bob White (Mad Bob), Brown Belt
      Owen and Dale, both Brown Belts.
      Karen and Kim (Think that was her name.) Fit lass.
      Julian Siviter (extremely bendy lad).
      Mark Longley,Yellow Belt (Got me into the Club and taught me my first Kata before we started. Thanks Mark if you read this Blog).
      There were alot of new starters when I first joined, but as usual most dropped off after a while and I ended up the only one left from my intake of Beginners.
      The following Joined the club in about 1985. Lucy Martin, Ian Culpan, Chris (Can' think of his last name but his Dad owned a Bicycle shop opposite Barclays Bank near Wide Street). Chris made it to Brown belt and Ian and Lucy both to Shodan at least Ian graded with me in 1989 at the week course at York University with Sensei Asai.
      Ashley was only about 2 ft tall when he started in around 1988. My how they grow up.
      Must be going senile in old age as that is about it for now. if I remember any more will let ya know.

      Andy Bailey - Shodan
      Currently practising at Newton Aycliffe Anshin Ryu Karate Club in County Durham.
      See you guys on Sunday as coming down to visit Parents.

      By Anonymous Andy Bailey, at 6:36 PM  

    • http://newtonaycliffeanshin-ryukarateclub.blogspot.com/


      Above is the link to my new blog web site for the club I now train at, Newton Aycliffe Anshin-Ryu Karate Club I have added you web site to our blog. Thought you might want the link to add to yours.

      Andy Bailey, Shodan. Ex Selby Club Member

      By Blogger Andy Bailey, at 7:46 PM  

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