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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Journey towards Shodan

It's a "Long and winding road" to attain shodan, below are a few photos of Dom on his journey. Above : March 2005 - The early years

Above: Dom with Bex looking very young in October 2005

Above : Wiggington November 2006

Above : May 2007 Kata Heat with Daniel Kozelko

Above : May 2007 with Sensei Ian Culpan

Above : May 2007 with Sensei Andy Bailey

Above : Quite happy to take on a handful of dan grades in November 2007

Above : Training with Kato Shihan in Wiggington November 2007

Above : February 2008 Belt training at Wigington with Kato Shihan

Above : February 2009 Dom has started to step the pace up, training with Sensei Simon from Haxby when Kato Shihan visited our dojo at Selby.

I am sure that the rest of us will enjoy looking back at Dom's journey more than Dom, but never mind, eh.

Dom you have five years of strong foundations under the instruction of Sensei Ash & Andy, the hard work is in the bank.

A quote from Kato Shihan at a Shodan grading in Budapest a few years ago, after the 20+ karateka who were grading had just undertaken their first Kihon sequence...." Relax, it is easy if you are good enough"

Dom, you can relax, you are good enough. I am sure you won't though

It has been my pleasure to watch you grow from a boy to a man. You apply yourself well to anything you set your mind to be it Music/ Studies or Karate. Otagari ni rei.

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