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Monday, November 16, 2009

Fushu by Numbers

I was asked if I would write down Fushu and send it to a fellow karateka.
I thought I might as well post it for all IJKA karateka instead.
Please note this is the IJKA Kato Ryu kata "Fushu" aka "Kaze No Te" aka "Wind Hands".

I have unfortunately only attended one session where Kato Shihan has taught this kata (Tuam Ireland October 2009). There is far more to the kata than a few words can describe. Unfortunately I can not remember the Kia points and I would welcome any corrections to the format. Hopefully I have manged to write down the majority of it as taught by Sensei.

It may be a useful "memory jog" to those like me that have been shown once and have experienced that "frozen kata"feeling.

I am limited on how I can display the file on my blog so I have uploaded to "Scribd" , hopefully you can open to view or print if you so wish.

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