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Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year - fresh start

For 2009 I have ambitions both for our club and for myself.
Andy and I want to actively develop the club during 2009, it will mean a fair bit of background work, but I hope by the summer you will see a few changes for the better that will benefit all of our members.
I also have personal goals where I want to apply myself fully to my Karate, where my body can't keep up I want to apply my mind a little more.

The training started tonight with Sensei Helen doing a longer than normal warm up session. followed by some pad work and shuttle training.
There was no heating on and the school was freezing!
Sensei Andy followed this with some Kihon training, just 6 weeks to gradings so we had all better start trying our best.

At 7pm most of the lower grades leave and we have another 90 mins training left.

I had spent some of the afternoon thinking about kata and I wanted to do something that would make some of the other Brown and Black belts think as well.
I took chunks from a few higher katas and got the brown and black belts to demonstrate them and then the class from purple belt up had to imitate 3 time to count and then 3 times no count.
It is not always easy being asked to start in the middle of a kata.

Helen started with Chinte - from Age Empi to the first Ippon ken
then Dom with Empi - from gedan bari through the first Kia to the double punch
Back to Helen with Kashu - from move 3 to 9
Dom on again with Nijushiho- from the sukui uke, yame teisho through the first Kia and the next 2 moves of the collapse and strike.

At this stage I could see the class not quite sure where this session was going???

Helen was back on again Nijushiho - but this time the last few moves from kiba dachi through the sanchin dachi movements.
Dom again with Empi - The sukui uke followed by the 3 steps double teisho, gedan bari, yame zuki, jump and two shutos.

Where is this all leading to???

I did the Meikyo bit - from the bo uke, driving forward turning and stepping into Kida dachi.
Next Sam was up, Bassai Dai - from the Miki Zuki Geri through to the end of the three Yama Zukis. I then got Sam to do just the three Yama Zuki in Kiba dachi where we left off from the Meikyo sequence.

We then recapped all the snipts of the Kata we had just practised and came to Yoi.
We announced our Kata......

Meikyo Nidan.......(Had you guessed?)

The start of Meikyo, the feel of Chinte, the double punch of Empi, the crane stance sequences followed by the open hand strike of Kashu, the collapse and strike of Nijushiho followed by the last move in sanchin-dachi. The transition in Empi before the jump followed by the Mekiyo bit pushing forward and turning followed by the 3 Yame Zuki punches. A few more shutos, nukite and a 360 degree turn and step back finishing with a final shuto and we are all done!

I went on to break down the kata and teach it in a bit more detail, Sensei Andy reminded me about a few of the details that I had not retained. The third Hiato mawashi uke finishes Migi sho facing down all other sho movements are palm up. Most of the punches are Tate Zuki and Andy also thought that the 4th move the hands are sho not Ken, I am sure he is right?

Even if the body is tired after Christmas I was happy with my reconstruction of the kata, I hope the class was too?

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