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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kato Shihan Course and Grading - York

I always say, "What a brilliant Course", but this weekend surpassed many others. Between the three clubs, Haxby, Selby and York we had 43 students grading and had about 60 karateka attending the training course.

A few quick thank yous, firstly Sensei, thank you again for visiting York and passing on a little of your knowledge.

Sensei Paul (from the Whitchurch mafia) for teaching at Haxby on Thursday night and entertaining us on the course and Saturday night.

Shihan Keith and Sensei Mike for supporting the course and grading, a special mention for Sensei Ian Shaw without whom these weekends would not take place.

Sensei Melina from Bulgaria, as Sensei's uke and our teacher of Heian Yondan.

To our visiting Karateka from other asscociations and Jordon who travelled 200 miles to train with sensei.

Last but not least thank you to all our karateka, especially our junior members, we had quite a few 6 to 8 year olds grading for the first time, you were all very well behaved.

Above: The Course Photo

If you trained this weekend you will know what a great course it was. Please pass this on to your fellow karateka who missed out. We are so fortunate to have Sensei teach, three or four times a year and every effort should be made to train whether grading or not.

Above: Kihon Training

The lower grades are partnered with the higher grades, Sensei casts a critical eye across the class. It is amazing how you loose any ability to tell left from right when Sensei is standing close to you.

Above: Sensei Kato - food with friends

There is a time for training and a time for socialising, a bite to eat and a few beers......and a few beers more........

Above: Sensei Paul enjoyed a good night out!

Following demonstrations of ushiro geri in the pub to the delight of a captive audience and the dismay of some OAP's trying to eat their lunch, Sensei Paul kept up his light hearted instruction well into the evening.......not sure why he didn't make training on the Sunday? Sensei I hope we made you feel welcome, please come back soon.

At Haxby on Thursday there were a few of us from Selby, the like of Claire, Emma and Phoebe had never seen this style of teaching before...I think you have a fan club in Yorkshire Sensei Paul.

Above: Haxby Karateka Belt training

Sensei had the belts off for this part of the session, with the youngsters it was a little more timid than usual. I had a little trouble with the drop down and mawashi geri jodan from the crouched position. No standing up first...direct route...No Scotland...York...London...direct express!

Above: Sensei Kato - attacking with the heel

Sensei instruction included the importance of correct path for the attack and using all parts of the body / foot to attack. Heel, sole of the foot, ball.....

Above: Sensei Kato - Usherio Mawashi-geri

Above: Sensei kato blocks befor Yoko Geri

Many students tried to short cut yoko geri, this MUST follow the correct route, knee up to the front and thrust to target.

Above: Yoko geri attack

Above: Emma - Yoko Empi

Emma demonstrates Zanshin with her attack during her kihon combination

Above: Claire during Kumite Exam

Claire puts an awkward karateka in his place during the kumite phase

Above: Josh attacks Simon from Haxby club

Josh, what can I say! Josh came a very close second in the Trevor Jinks cup last year, and wow did you prove us right in ackowledging your commitment. We have seen such a marked improvement in the past 6 months, unbelievable.

Josh was partnered with Simon from Haxby who came away with a commended pass from Sensei Kato, a real achievement. I am sure that Simon helped to lift Josh's game.

I was so proud of Josh, during his kata exam he made a mistake and frooze right in front of the grading desk with Kato Shihan 8th Dan IJKA World Chief instructor looking over the top of his glasses at him......

Josh took one step back ..rei.. and said "can I start again please Sensei"...Sensei nodded...

Josh took 3 or 4 paces back... rei and then performed Heian Godan as strong and as well as I have ever seen him perform it before..

Not taking anything away from Josh, but my thanks also to Sensei Andy Denby your work with our students over the last few months was evident in their gradings, Osu!

Above: Dom and Dan

Dom progressed to temp 1st kyu and Dan and Sam had theit temp 3rd Kyu removed and became full 3rd kyu. This is a half grade for all three of you but let me put this in perspective.

Dom has progressed to his current grade in record time, I think he has never missed a grading. Rebecca has trained since she was five, she had a couple of years off, so lets say she has trained for eight years to reach 1st Kyu and you have reached 1st Kyu in less than half of that time, this is achievement indeed.

Dan and Sam, at twelve and just turned eleven you have both now completed all your junior grades and have completed seven adult gradings. You are both well on the way to adult Shodan in your early teens.

Enjoy your time as a brown belt, these are good times, relax and broarden your foundations, most importantly enjoy your karate. Think ahead to B&B belt training at Whitchurch and may be a competition later in the year.

Above: Georgia and Kato Shihan

Shihan had a special mention for Simon from Haxby and Georgia and Michael from Selby, all had strong gradings.

Sensei's general comments on the whole of the gradings was that some elements of kata were poor...stances were not as strong as they should be. We must all try hard and strive to maintain the high standards of the IJKA.

Above: Sensei Mike,Melina and Shihan Keith

The above photo was spoilt by the two old grey haired blokes, but I thought I would post it anyway....more press-ups for me next week I think?

Above: SSKC Karateka with Sensei Kato

Selby had twenty two students grade, nineteen to full grade and three temporary passes, an excellent result considering the limited preparation because of Christmas and the early date of the course, well done to you all.Osu!

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