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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Selby Stig?

Sempai Helen has been trying out for a racing scholarship in the "Clio Cup", she is regularly seen behind the wheel of her beloved MG hatch, racing around the back roads of North Yorkshire.

She found the Clio an excellent car to drive despite the racing seat and helmet being too big for her tiny frame.

At the end of a brilliant day she was told that she had to do a blog, "everyone was", she was like a frightened rabbit in the headlights in front of the camera, sorry Helen.... just click the link below....


If you take the mickey out of Sempai Helen though, be prepared for a quick Uraken or Gyaku Zuki, Osu!

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  • Just so you all know, I made it through to the second round of the competition, which means another video blog! Hopefully I will be more prepared for this one and less like a rabbit in head lights! If I make it through this round I will be in the semi finals and then who knows, maybe I'll be paid to race around a circuit!

    By Blogger Helen, at 5:42 PM  

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