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Friday, December 15, 2006

Master Tetsuhiko Asai - SKM Article Jan 07

Shotokan Karate Magazine have published a five page article on our late chief instructor Asai Shihan.

If you don't normally subscribe to SKM, go to their website www.shotokanmag.com and get one ordered.

There are extracts from an interview in 1991. ( I believe this might have been Gullen Shihans wife Jean that did this interview, apologies if I am mistaken). There are also extracts from an interview in 1994.

Towards the end of the publication is Shihans quote" Try to follow the Dojo Kun in your daily life, in and out of the dojo and you will be a true follower of Karate-Do"

This is a brilliant read and a motivation to all karateka.

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