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Monday, November 27, 2006

Kato Shihan - York Karate Course and Gradings

Kato Shihan honoured Haxby Club by arranging a course and grading around the Clubs 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Above: Another great course and grading session for Haxby, York and Selby karate clubs.

Congratulations to all Karateka that passed their gradings, Selby Club gradings were as follows:
Dave Stavenau - 1st Kyu
Domonic Schilke and Rebecca Brant - 4th Kyu
Adam Preece, Daniel Kozelko and Sam Dennis - 5th Kyu
Thomas Robinson - 6th Kyu

Many thanks to all Karateka from visiting clubs for supporting the course, special thanks to Sensei Rob Mc Cartney from York Kenshinkan (and his karateka), and Sensei Steve Cameron for their support and company at the dinner on Saturday evening.

Above : Sensei Steve Bland from York Kenshinkan Karate Club kicks Mawashi-geri.

Sensei Steve spent some time training with Selby Club while between KUGB clubs, nice to see you again Steve. Hopefully some of us can make a return visit to your club in the near future. Below is a link to Sensei Mc Cartney's club.

  • York Kenshinkan Shotokan Karate Club

  • Above: Kato Shihan Instructs on Sunday

    Above: Kato Shihan blocks tate- shuto in preparation for Gyaku-zuki chudan to Gullen Shihan

    Above: Thomas, Daniel and Sam perform Kihon (Basics) under the critical eye on Kato Shihan.

    Previous posts on the four boys-
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    Above: Sensei Nick gets a right kicking ( Mae geri Chudan)

    May be not a "right kicking" but Hidari-Mae-Geri ( a left kicking)

    Above : Domonic and Rebecca perform 1 step Kumite for their 4th Kyu Gradings

    They both did well on Kata and showed a wide variety of techniques on the Kumite section, they found 4th Kyu Kihon to be challenging to say the least, both were promoted to 4th Kyu.
  • Domonic and Rebeccas Green belt grading post

  • Above: Dave performs Yoko-Geri-Keage (Side snap kick)

    Above: Dave has to dig deep on his physical and mental reserves during his grading, Sensei Nick is always happy to put anyone through their paces.

    Dave's grit and determination saw him through on the day, despite running his stamina tanks on empty. Well done mate, now you can enjoy your karate, courses with Sensei are a lot better when you know you haven't got to grade at the end of them, you can relax and watch others going through it.
  • Dave's 3rd Kyu grading post

  • On saturday night nearly twenty of us went out to dinner with Sensei to celebrate 25 years of the Haxby Dojo. Sensei Mike said a few words and presented three gifts, one to Kato Shihan who has been Haxby's chief instructor for all of those 25 years, to Sensei Ian who is the only remaining member who has been training with Haxby club for the full 25 years and to Gullen Shihan for the support he has given over the period. A good time was had by all and a brave few even ventured onto the dance floor.

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