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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tournament in Taiwan for Asai Ryu karateka

General Invite from Mrs Asai

Dear friends and students of the late Master Tetsuhiko Asai,

We are planning to hold the
on August 6th this year, in Taipei, Taiwan.
The government of Taiwan is also supporting this event.

Following the late Master Asai’s principle that
“people who love karate should respect and learn from each other regardless of nationality, style or organization they belong”
we welcome people who are from many different organizations and practicing different styles of karate.

If you have practiced karate with Master Asai before, and are now in a different organization or your own organization,
We welcome your participation in our tournament and to commemorate the late Master Asai.

We are also looking for organizations that are interested in co-hosting this event.
If you are interested in participating and/or co-hosting the event,
Please fill in the attached form for “Friendly organizations and individuals,” and return it via email.

(Please check our website for more detail: http://www.ijka.jp/)

President IJKA
Keiko Asai

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