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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hambleton dojo

Rebecca taught at Hambleton tonight and I stood in line training.

Bex focused the first session around our young beginners, Louis, Finlay, Declan and George, building on what I had gone through last week.
Bex started with revision of Choku Zuki and Oi Zuki and then taught Gyaku Zuki, continuing on with Mae Geri.

At only 18 Rebecca is quite young to be instructing, but she always manages to deliver an aerobic , fun session with a high technical content. During the last 13 years of training and 11 years of being a kohai of Kato Sensei she must have paid attention at some point.

During the second session I took the colour belts through Junro Shodan developing transition in stances, introducing Neko Ashi Dachi to Josh and David.

A very big welcome to Sensei Fran who has returned to karate with her boys Louis and Finlay, Osu!

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