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Thursday, May 13, 2010

SSKC 2020 Competition Photos

Many thanks to my friend Phillip ("Jono") for taking the majority of the photos that are included in these clips. Not forgetting Jordon and Jim from Haxby who have also managed to capture a few prime shots.

Above : U9 Kata

Above: U12 Kata

Above : U17 Kata

Above : O16 Kata - Beg to 3rd Kyu - Mixed

Above : O16 Kata - 2nd Kyu to Shodan - Mixed

Above: Family Kata

Above : U9 Kumite (Knee Boxing)

Above : U12 Kumite

Above : U17 Kumite

Above : O16 Kumite Beg to 3rd Kyu Male

Above : O16 Kumite Beg to 3rd Kyu Female

Above : O16 Kumite 2nd Kyu to Shodan Male

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