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Monday, May 03, 2010

Yesterdays Competition

I hope everyone had a great time at the competition Yesterday.
Firstly apologies to Sensei Andy for forgetting to mention "Denby Security Services" as a sponsor of the event. The previous results post has also been updated and please click in the sidebar on SSKC Cups and you will see details of each of the cups, their sponsors and the winners.

Well how did Selby get on?

Very well done to our beginners from the Hambleton dojo, Marcus, Michael, Jamie and Harry, I hope you didn't find the kata too daunting and you did well in the knee boxing , perhaps a medal next year?

Leila managed 4th place in the Under 12 kata, just missing out on a medal. Abby had a very tough draw getting drawn against Elanor the eventual winner in the first round.

In the Under 17 Kata Josh Robinson was the lowest grade at 9th Kyu and was competing within a fairly large group, including 5 brown belts. He lost in the semi finals to Holly the eventual winner and lost against Nick last years winner for 3rd place, ending with a very respectful 4th place.

In the Over 16 Kata up to 3rd Kyu David beat Holly in the semi and lost against Max for an eventual 2nd place an excellent result, Kelvin was pipped by Holly for 3rd place and came 4th.

In the Over 16 high grade Kata Michael put in some very strong performances and ended up 2nd with Rebecca coming 3rd.

In the Family kata the Dallisons got 4th place to a clean sweep by the Bamfords. Next year we need to enter more teams to increase our chances.

In the U12 Kumite Nathan was unlucky to get drawn against Lucas the eventual winner in the first round, Liam fought well through to the final and ended up with 2nd place.

In the U17 Kumite Josh Robinson went one better than kata and won a 3rd place medal.

In the low grade Over 16 kumite David was knocked out by Max and in the play off for 3rd place was knocked out by Simon from York to end up 4th. Kelvin met Max in the final and fought well ending a very close 2nd.

In the Over 16 Female kumite Julie came 1st and Claire 2nd, well done ladies!

In the O16 high grade kumite Michael was pipped into 2nd place by Max.

I have updated all your member pages with your achievements, these can be viewed by clicking on members in the side bar and clicking on your name.

Our congratulations goes to Max from York who I think won everything he entered even the events above his grade!

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