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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

SSKC welcomes Sensei Paul Hyland

Above : Sensei Paul Hyland

Sensei Paul Hyland SKIF Ireland visited the Hambleton Dojo of the SSKC tonight. Paul trains at St.Vincent's and St .Joseph's in Dublin, Ireland and is a Sempai of Sensei Jacqui O'Shea 5th Dan.

I do not know Paul's senior instructor, but Rebecca and I have met and trained with Sensei Jacqui in Italy and Ireland. Rebecca has competed against (and beaten by) Sensei Jacqui in Ireland, not surprising really, she is a world champion!

Like Sensei Paul, if you are working away from home and want somewhere to train you will recieve a warm welcome from all of us at SSKC, Osu!

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