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Monday, April 19, 2010

Date for the Diary - Sensei Langley & Herbert

Above: Sensei Langley an Herbert

A date for the diary later in the year; is a course in E17 with Sensei Scott Langley (JKS) and Sensei Paul Herbert (ASK).

Most of our more senior students would have trained with Langley Sensei before, but may not be that familiar with Herbert Sensei.

Herbert Sensei was a kohai of the late Enodea Sensei and has strong links with Hazard Sensei, it was Sensei Paul's club where I took Rebecca to train with Hazard Sensei a few weeks ago.

Anyway it is sure to be excellent training and for those of you not so familiar with the South of England E17 can be found at the end of the M11, so from Yorkshire drive down the A1 then M11 and then you only have about a mile to go!
(About 3 1/2 hours ish, but please check for yourselves)

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