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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Emerald Isle calls again.

On Monday Claire and I had yet another anniversary (24th) to celebrate we are having six days in Ireland. It will give us a couple of days before Sensei Kato's course and a couple of days after to just unwind and do some sight seeing. It only seems the other week Rebecca and I were in Fermoy (oh it was just the other week!) and now back again. I might even get a chance of a small Jameson and a half of "black velvet". Hopefully Bex's won't keep nagging on this trip.

Joining us in Ireland will be Fran, from Dr. Jonathan's dojo and Steve Cameron from Worcester.
Sensei Steve Cameron 3rd Dan IJKA has just added a lot more detail on the Worcester club website.
Steve is working hard to build up his dojo, if you are ever in the area give him a call and drop in for a bit of extra training.

I have added a permanent link to the site from our links section so you can keep an eye on what Sensei Steve is up to.

Click on the yellow buttons below to return to the "HOME" or "Worcester Club"

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