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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Good Luck Selby Karateka

I have just written out the grading forms for the weekend and would like to wish all our karateka well, we will have approx 20 members grading.

Josh will be grading for 1st Kyu, a big step and Sensei will be expecting a very high standard. It seems an age since Josh joined us as an Ex Wado-ryu karateka, he found the change to shotokan difficult but has persevered where many would have given up, good Luck.

Michael is grading to 2nd Kyu, just back from Ireland where he did the club proud and with a little more experience and a luckier draw will soon find himself placed in competition. He has a couple of injuries from Ireland so I hope they will not effect you at the weekend. Unfortunately you will not be able to take it easy on Saturday and save yourself for Sunday, Sensei will be watching you.

Kelvin, Lucy and Alan our purple belts will not find their grading easy it is tough in these middle grades, you are still building your karate foundations. I can see where the additional Wednesday sessions have accelerated improvement though.

Josh and Lewis will be attempting green belt, a big step for these youngsters, you are both good enough but you must stay focused. Bring your karate heads at the weekend!
SSKC will potentially gain a lot of additional colour belts, Julie, Abby, Jamie, if successful will all progress to Yellow belts.

Grading for 8th Kyu and well on the way to their yellow belt in the new year will be Nathan, Jake, Leila, Liam and David, it takes a long time in our association to gain your first coloured belt but keep up the good work you are nearly there!

Last but definitely not least are our beginners and Pee Wee grades David, Amy, Ellie (shortcake) Shauna and Joseph. It is easily said, but just try and relax and enjoy yourself. OSU!

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