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Sunday, October 11, 2009

York Course and Grading - 10/11th October 09

Sensei was back in York for his autumn course and grading. Many thanks to Sensei Ian and Mike for hosting the weekend. As well as attracting karateka from the IJKA Yorkshire clubs of Haxby, Selby and York, we were also very pleased to see Karateka from Sensei Anne Hastings dojo, Leeds, Sheffield and members of the "Whitchurch Mafia".

Saturday for the first two hours was mainly focused around Kihon and Kihon Kumite, the third hour was was for black belts only learning the Kato-Ryu Kata Kibaken Sandan.

Sunday morning, more Kihon before the higher grades (purple belts up) went through Tekki Shodan and Hangetsu, but using sanchin and neko-ashi dachi instead of hangetsu and kokutsu dachi stances. While students graded the black belts had no time to rest they were put through their paces learning Kibaken Yondan and Godan. I was very pleased to get Kibaken Sandan in my head in one session, but Yondan and Godan will take a few more visits before I even have the sequence of moves.

Well done to all out students, Shauna graded to 11th Kyu, with Amy and Ellie achieving 10th Kyu.

Nathan, Jake, Leila and Liam were grading to 8th Kyu, achieving 3 full grades and a temporary grade for Liam. (Stronger kumite required Liam). Julie and Abby attained Yellow and Jammie only just missed out on a full grade but still gets to wear his yellow belt with a temporary pass.

Josh and Lewis were attempting the big step up from yellow to green belt. Both the boys came away with temporary grades, a good result for both these youngsters and they must now work on a period of consolidation before moving on.

Kelvin, Alan and Lucy all graded to 4th Kyu, excellent! Again you will need to work hard for best part of a year before you make the next big step up in grades to brown belt.

Both our brown belts were successful Michael attaining 2nd and Josh 1st Kyu, well done! A comment from the grading panel that your kumite was not as focused as your kihon and katas, something to work on in the next few months.

Above: The karateka of IJKA Yorkshire

After the presentation of the certificates Rebecca presented Sensei with a hand made 3Kg Kit-Kat. The massive four finger chocolate biscuit was hand made at Nestles in York and as well as the famous Kit-Kat logo sported the Kanji of the IJKA.

Above: Rebecca presents the IJKA Kit-Kat to Sensei Kato

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