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Monday, October 12, 2009

More Asai Ryu Katas posted

Many thanks to Sensei O'Keeffe for posting on You tube "Kashu" also called "Hi no te" this is the "Fire" elemental kata devised by Asai Shihan following on from the mainstream kata of Unsu. The kata is performed by Sensei Makita, Matsui and Watanabe as a demo in Japan at this years JKS competition. The Team kata is followed by Sensei Makita and Matsui as uke as Sensei Watanabe performs the bunkai. As you would expect a great video.

The second video is from Latvia, "Kibaken Shodan". I believe Asai Shihan created Kibaken Shodan with the intention of it being the first in a series. Kato Shihan has devised Kibaken Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Godan and Super Kibaken to complete the series.

These and many more Asai Ryu kata can be found by clicking on the links from my kata page.

Click on the yellow buttons below to return to the "HOME" or "Kata" pages to view "Kashu" or "Kibaken Shodan" kata.

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