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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kagawa Shihan Course

We have survived 3 days training with Kagawa Shihan and a few hundred miles driving up and down the countries motorways, but the 12 hours driving was well worth it.
Today's kata for Shodan and below were Bassai Dai and Empi. It was Kagawa Sensei who first taught me Empi when he travelled with Asai Sensei to the Crawley course a few years ago. Last time I was trying to learn the moves as a Purple belt I think. Today I could focus on what Sensei was explaining about the detail.
Above: The Group photo
Unfortunately despite Hans Sensei encouragement to sneak into the Nidan and above training we missed out on Sensei teaching Kanku Sho, a Kata Simon and myself have been practising for the last few weeks. I am sure that Sensei Keith will be able to pass on Sensei's "top tips" over the coming weeks.
I am sure Simon will be too modest to mention , so I will. Sensei got Simon to demonstrate the jump in Empi and after a couple of minor corrections and a few more jumps stated "good jump eh" compliment indeed!

Many thanks to the JKS for inviting us.
Sensei ni rei
Octagai ni rei

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