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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kagawa Shihan Course - Nottingham

Above: The faceless attacker!

Above : Sensei Hans Rana

I still have a little work to do before I can kick like Sensei Hans. Following Sensei Hans warm ups and stretches Kagawa Shihan helped us by showing us some really good leg strengthening exercise (look forward to them). Friday was spent on mainly Kihon, stepping forward, Gedan Bari, Age Uke, Soto Uke etc etc. After 10 years training I still have so much to learn.

Today's training was split Shodan and below and Nidan and above. Sensei Keith was called back by Sensei Scott when he tried a sneaky exit from the dojo. I was surprised when Sensei Keith continued on for a third session to complete nearly 5 hours of training in one day -respect, and there is still tomorrow to go!

The two kata I am trying to work on at the moment are Jion and Bassai Sho. I was particularly pleased when Kagawa Shihan choose to teach Jion today.

Many thanks to Robert Graham for posting some photos on facebook and Hans Sensei for tagging me, Osu!
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  • I was able to attend the course on the saturday and sunday, unfortunately I missed friday night due to work. But I enjoyed the 2 days I could attend, and learnt a fair amount. One day I'll be able to do karate too! (Hopefully)

    By Blogger Helen, at 11:06 PM  

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