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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Famous Four

We are particularly proud of the achievements of four of our younger Karateka that joined the club soon after we relocated to Barlby. They have all been training for over two years now showing a tremendous commitment to Karate.

From Left to right:
Daniel, Thomas, Adam and Sam.
They are being graded on their basics.

Left: They perform Five step Kumite

A series of structured attack and blocks, this is the first step in sparring.

They have all successfully graded five times in a row under the critical eye of our Chief Instructor Kato Shihan 8th Dan and Gullen Shihan 6th Dan.

This ensures that the high standards of Shotokan karate are maintained within the IJKA.

In the IJKA anyone under Eleven will commence grading at 12th Kyu and have three "Pee-Wee" gradings before they start the full syllabus.

The Famous four have graded as follows:

12th Kyu - 25/07/04, 11th Kyu - 7/11/04, 10th Kyu - 13/3/05, 9th Kyu - 5/6/05 and 8th Kyu - 9/10/05. We have high hopes for them all in 2006 and expect to see them all wearing a colour belt soon.

Daniel Kozelko - A strong youngster full of budo spirit, his Kia's are enough to scare anyone! He once shocked Sensei Mick Gude when partnered with him for the first time. When he was instructed to punch speed and power that was exactly what he did.

Thomas Robinson - winner of the attendance award in 2004, we have seen his concentration improve ten fold in the last two years. Thomas has had to work hard at his karate and it is a tribute to him that he has carried on training hard when many would have given up. I am sure he will continue to surprise us with his achievements in 2006.

Adam Preece - A very good all round Karateka, he achieved 2nd place in the SSKC Kata comp in 2005. His maturity is a credit to his years and is oftern seen as a calming influence to the famous four. There is bags of Karate potential in this young karateka.

Sam Dennis - Quite a bit younger that the other three Sam has had to work hard to keep up. He has always been partnered with older Karateka that have raised his standard to their own. We are sure that Sam will continue as he has began.

We have seen all four develop in different ways and are equally proud of of them all.

We will not all be able to attain the highest standards in shotokan karate but we will all mature better for its study. The Competition and the belt that you wear are only a small part of "the way".


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