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Sunday, June 17, 2012

York Course and Grading

Above : A few photos from the course and grading

Well done to all the SSKC students that graded:
Gabriel Witty - 12th Kyu
Imaan Ahmad - 12th Kyu - Good Age Uke
Leah Fielding - 11th Kyu (Double Grading), good punhes and Kicks , good Kumite
Ben Hall - 12th Kyu
Rose Dunne - 12th Kyu
Liam Dunne - 12th Kyu - good kumite
Wiktoria Rymarz - 11th Kyu (Double Grading), good kicks, good kumite
Myles Phillips - 11th Kyu
Heath Waters - 9th Kyu (Double Grading), V Good Age Uke, strong Kumite
Finlay Recchia - 9th Kyu, Good Kihon
Lydia Guthrie - 9th Kyu, Good Kihon
Louis Recchia - 9th Kyu, Good Punches,
Lee Griffin - 9th Kyu
Madison Young - 9th Kyu, Good Kumite and Kata
Thomas Fieldsend - 9th Kyu
Max Dennis - 9th Kyu
Ibrahim Ahmad - 9th Kyu
Molly Douglas - 8th Kyu
Kira Griffin - 8th Kyu
Abi Marchant 8th Kyu
Emily Crockford - 7th Kyu, Very good Kihon, good form in Kumite
Charlotte Haxby - 6th Kyu, Good Kihon, Good form in Kumite (Full Grade + 1/2 Grade)
Scott Haxby - 6th Kyu, Very good Kihon, Good form and spirit in kumite
David Leadbeater - 3rd Kyu, good Kihon
Josh Hardy - 2nd Kyu (Temp)
Abby Cooke - 2nd Kyu, good Kihon
Sam Dennis - 1st Kyu, good kicks , good spirit
Claire Hardy - 1st Kyu, Kihon good spirit
Kelvin Mizen - 1st Kyu - Kihon good spirit (Full Grade + 1/2 Grade)

Well done guys, Bex and myself are very proud of what you all have achieved today, Osu!

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