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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Karate Course and Grading - York

Well, 2012 just gets better and better!

A brilliant day of karate with Langley and Campbell Sensei, 4 hours training, 49 Kyu gradings followed by 17 Dan gradings.
Eighteen Selby students took Kyu grdings, all passed and four achieved double gradings!
Sensei Ian Culpan took his Nidan grading and after a long, exhausting session came away with a well deserved pass.

Above: The Pee Wee Grades

Above: The Senior Grades

Above: The Dan Grades

The Selby Roll of Honour:
Myles Phillips - 12Kyu Pass
Heath Waters - Strong Kumite - Double graded - 11th Kyu Pass
Madison Young - Good Kihon and Kumite - Double Graded - 10th Kyu Pass
Thomas Fieldsend - Good Kumite - Double Graded - 10th Kyu Pass
Finlay Recchia - 10th Kyu Pass
Lydia Gutherie - 10th Kyu Pass
Louis Recchia - Good Kumite - 10th Kyu Pass
Kira Griffin - Good Kihon and Kumite - Double Graded - 9th Kyu Pass
Phoebe Culpan - 10th Kyu Pass
Lee Griffin - 10th Kyu Pass
Molly Douglas - 9th Kyu Pass
Abigail Marchant - 9th Kyu Pass
Emily Crockford - 8th Kyu Pass
Charlotte Haxby - 7th Kyu (temp)
Scott Haxby - Above average in Kihon, Kumite and Kata - 7th Kyu Pass
Josh Hardy - Good Kime above average Kihon - 3rd Kyu Pass
Abby Cooke - 3rd Kyu Pass
Claire Hardy - Good Kihon - 2nd Kyu Pass
Ian Culpan - 2nd Dan Pass

Both Bex and I are very proud of what you have all achieved today, a great result SSKC!

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