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Thursday, November 12, 2009

JKS Open 21st November 09

The “Runners and Riders” are sorted and I have returned our list of entries to Campbell Sensei – JKS (GB) for 2009.

What a great turn out, thirty-eight karateka from IJKA Yorkshire will be travelling to the competition this year, with a total of Seventy-four entries to twenty-one of the thirty events run.

Above - The travelling contingent for 2008

I am particularly proud that we have eight entrants to the 9 years and below kata event, three entrants to the 8 years and below kumite event and 12 entrants to the 9-11 years kumite event. It is great to see our karateka getting involved in competition at an early stage of their training. It is also encouraging to see our adult low and mid grades stepping up to the mark and representing IJKA Yorkshire.

Hopefully the majority of the competitors can stay and support the squad for the whole day so that we can get a team photo at the end. Maybe we can win a couple of medals along the way, with such a good turn out there will always be someone to watch / support.

Above: Becks, Helen and Emma gained bronze at team kumite in 2008

Many thanks to sensei Ian Shaw from Haxby and Bernard Schilke from Selby who have kindly offered to act as IJKA officials for the day. Without their support we would not be able to enter.

Look forward to a great day and good luck, Osu!

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