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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kato Sensei's Course in Tuam - Oct 09

Many thanks to Sensei Stacey Kelly - 2nd dan IJKA, for hosting Kato Shihan 9th Dan World Chief Instructor of the IJKA, in Tuam in Western Ireland last weekend.

It is an unenviable task to be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements and keeping Sensei entertained. At one point in the weekend Stacey had to become Sensei's personal shopping assistant, Sensei did not appear to be at all bothered that all the shops were shut. With Stacey's organisational skills she somehow managed to persuade a shop keeper to open their shop three hours after they had closed to allow Sensei to make a purchase.

Saturdays training started with a beginners and childrens class, however Sensei Steve Cameron, Rebecca and myself were not allowed to escape and got roped in to additional training. The main class followed with a good attendance of approximately twenty dan grades and twenty kyu grades. Sensei focus was on Kihon and it definitely made things easy with every kyu grade partnered with a dan grade.

Above : Class training - Ushiro geri

On Saturday Sensei taught Kibaken Nidan, a kata performed entirely in Kiba-dachi. By the end of training I thought I would never walk normally again.

Above: Kato & Toomey Sensei K2 Bunkai (first moves)
On the Sunday session Sensei taught Fushu, a Kato-ryu kata, this will be Kato Sensei legacy kata so I am sure we will practice it again.

Above: Kato & Cameron Sensei Fushu Bunkai (last Moves)

Above: Group photo taken on the Sunday after training.

The Sunday session was a little less well attended, due to extended travel arrangements for some karateka but proved another great session. Sensei Stacey should be particularly proud of her two Yellow belts who are of a very strong standard indeed.

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