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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Barlby Hilltop Primary School

Today was session 1 for 24 pupils of Barlby Hilltop primary School, headmaster Rob Taylor was enthusiastic about bringing karate to the school. The sessions are being lead by Sensei Andy assisted by Rebecca in a non contact environment.

Today the young karateka from 7 to 10 years learnt how to make a fist, how to punch choku Zuki and Oi Zuki and how to make front stance.

By the end of the session the headmaster saw a long line of beaming red faces leaving the hall.

We hope to see you all after half term, well done to Ben, Holly, Victoria, Warwick, Chloe, Michael, Declan, Holly, Lauren, Jasmine, Samuel, Tom, Lana, Liam, Olivia, George, Gemma, Thomas, Lorcan, Aithn, Joel, Luke, Bradley and Arran.

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