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Sunday, March 22, 2009

AMAA Competition 2009

Just returned from the Army Martial Arts Association competition in Aldershot at the Army's school of physical education.
I sometimes wonder why I still put myself through it at my age and mileage?

The Army team is going to train and compete in Japan in May and were there in force.
There were 8 dan grades for Kumite and it was decided to split into groups and to run a round robin style event. Every one had four fights and then assessed on points there was a fight for 3rd place and then for 1st and 2nd.

To be honest I don't think the draw made a lot of difference because the standard is very high and getting better all the time. However I was on first with the Army and Tri-services karateka Brian Hall. For our IJKA friends Brian is built a bit like Tamas from Hungary but younger and faster. To WKF rules the fight was stopped at 8-0. I was happy to finish in one piece.

Above : WO2 Brian Hall- 4th Dan - "looms large"

My next fight was with Mo Morris a 3rd Dan PTI, although I lost against Mo I did manage to score.

My third fight was with Joe (Sorry I Can't remember the surname) much more of a veterans fight but Joe brings a wealth of Karate experience to the Army team and to the mat. Wherever I went I seemed to be on the end of his Gyaku Zuki.

My last fight was against a young 19 year old dan grade Chris who trains with Dave Ginger I believe. I tried a technique that Sensei Keith showed us last week. A Gyaku Zuki, block their Gyaku Zuki and step in Oi Zuki Jodan. The technique worked really well and I believe reasonably controlled however Chris was a little dazed and stumbling about, Dave decided that Chis had had enough and withdrew his lad. I thought the referees decision to disqualify me and award the fight to Chris a little harsh, but I was happy to accept the decision without question.

I never enter with the illusion that I will win but I enter with the theory that my karate can only improve if I train and compete against strong competition.

Many thanks to all for the opportunity to be totally out classed (again), and I look forward to next year.

Octagai-ni- rei, Osu!

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