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Sunday, March 11, 2007

York Course and Grading 31st March & 1st April 2007

It's that time again Kato Shihan's course and grading weekend, all IJKA members should make every effort to train with Sensei when he is in Yorkshire. (Non IJKA members are welcome to attend this open course). Some Karateka train for years and never benefit from training with an internationally acclaimed 8th Dan Instructor, so make the most of it and come along.

Venue : St Peters School Sports Hall, St Peters School, off Bootham (A19) , York. The entrance is just opposite the Clifton Cinema/Bingo.

Saturday- 1.30 for 2pm to 4pm
Sunday - 9.30 for 10am to 1pm

Fees: Still the same!
Training Fee - £18 ( One or two days, the price is the same so try and make both days)
Grading Fees - £ 10 (£6 for 12th to 10th Kyu)
If you are grading you must train and your total fee will be training + grading ie £28 (or £24)

Our thanks go to Sensei Ian Shaw for all his hard work in organising these weekends. Osu!

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