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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Carless Sensei @ Kaizen No-Michi

Yesterday Matt and myself travelled down the road to Grimsby to train with Sensei Steve Carless, JKS England Coach.
Many thanks to Sensei Andrew and Jackie for the invitation and warm welcome.

We knew we were in for another of what I can "pleasure and pain" sessions, we weren't to be dissappointed.
As mid grades you are oftern to aware of what you want to achieve in the execution of a technique but never sure how to train to improve it. It is not enough to just repeat the technique over and over.

Sensei Steve spent the first half of the session breaking down and building up Mawashi Geri, it was pleasure to receive such brilliant technical instruction but the pain of repetitions was to follow. Performing the kick slowly to count had us nearly maxed out after 10 reps and we only had another 20 to go before we changed legs...

The second half of the session was mainly focused on escapes from grabs but using standard karate techniques. He also referenced the kihon back to kata bunkai, so very much a thinking session as well as physically demanding.
Sensei Steve also spoke about fluidity of movement and transition of direction and its application back into kata.

Thanks again for the invite, SSKC would like to wish all Kaizen-No-Michi karateka a merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing a lot more of you in 2012, Osu!

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