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Friday, December 02, 2011

JKS Nationals - Nottingham

We all had a great day at the JKS Nationals, Sensei Fran, Ian, Bex, Paul and Abby.
Scott and Charlotte also came down to Nottingham to support.

It has been nearly 20 years since either Fran or Ian had competed and they did the club proud, it was unfortunate that they were drawn against three individual Champions competing togeather for Seibukan dojo from Nottingham. I think this may be the first of many appearances for the SSKC senior kata team.....

Above : Sensei Fran, Ian and Bex perform Jion for Team Kata

Abby was very unfortunate to miss out on the medals achieving 4th place in a very competitive field. Abby travel all the way to Edinburgh in September to watch Sensei Bex in the World Championship, so she had a good idea what a big event would entail. Hopefully this is the start of Abby's competition career outside the SSKC Competition.

Above : Abby performs Heian Nidan

Sensei Bex is now competing in the Senior 19 years and over events where the competition is of a very high standard. Bex also managed a 4th place in Individual kumite. However she was very pleased with her first "big event" Gold Medal for 1st place in team Kumite.

Above : Bex Gains Gold for Team Kumite

I had to do my bit as a table official most of the day but I was allowed time off for good behaviour to compete in the veterans kumite where I managed to gain a bronze medal for 3rd place.

Above : Paul gains a Bronze Medal for Veterans Kumite

Many thanks to Scott and Charlotte for coming down to support us, they had such a good time that next time they will be part of the action rather than watching it.

In 2012 there will be plenty of opportunity to take part in local, regional and National competitions, so follow the example of Fran, Ian and Abby and step onto the mat for a great day out and you might even come away with a medal or trophy.

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