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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Course and Grading with Campbell and Carlass Sensei

A BIG thank you to Sensei Alan and Steve for a great day of karate.
Well done to everyone that graded, with a special mention to our Selby Karateka:

Thomas Fieldsend - 12th Kyu - "Very Good Kumite"
Madison Young - 12th Kyu - "Very Good Kumite"
Lee Griffin - 11th Kyu - "Very Good Kumite"
Kira Griffin - 11th Kyu - "Very Good Kihon - Very Good Kumite"
Louis Recchia - 11th Kyu
Finlay Recchia - 11th Kyu
Emily Crockford - 9th Kyu - ***Double Graded***
Scott Haxby - 8th Kyu - ***Double Graded***
Charlotte Haxby - 8th Kyu
David Leadbeater - 4th Kyu - "Good Kime, Clean Technique"

Little Ninjas you have made Bex a very proud Sensei again, keep it up, Osu!

Your individual "Member" pages have been updated and hopefully some photos to follow later in the week.

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