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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Akashi Karate Course

Over the last few years we have bumped in Sensei Glenn Riley 5th Dan on numerous occasions.
From Nottingham to Edinburgh if we turn up on a training course, there is a fair chance that Glenn may be there.
I am not sure if Glenn is stalking us or we are stalking Glenn?
Glenn has attended many courses at York and Selby over the years when we have hosted senior instructors.
Although we have never been in the same club or association, we have all shared a love of Shotokan Karate and a desire for self improvement.

In 2011 Glenn took the big step to set up his own club in Stainbeck, Leeds.
It is a big decision to take over responsibility as a club instructor, or the running of an existing club, but a massive step to start from scratch.

Bex and I were very pleased to be asked by Glenn if we wanted to train with Sensei Randy Williams 6th Dan KUGB at a course on the 20th December. Williams Sensei taught Heian Shodan for the Junior grades and Gankaku for the senior grades.

Above: Sensei Glenn Riley 5th Dan & Sensei Randy Williams 6th Dan

Over just a few months Sensei Glenn has developed a strong following and I was very impressed to see so many white and Orange Belts in attendance.
Above: The Course Photo

It was also nice to see the course supported by Dan grades from across the region from Leeds to York.
Above: The Senior Grade Session Photo

If you have a few minutes take a look at The Akashi Shotokan Karate Club website, if you have a little longer, give Glenn a bell and plan a trip to his dojo, it has a very spiritual atmosphere.

Glenn thanks again for the invite and wishing all Akashi karateka a Happy New Year.

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