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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The boy is back!

The doors of the dojo are always open, but an instructor is especially pleased when an old student decides it is time to return to the dojo and continue their journey along "the way."

Sam Dennis joined SSKC when he was 7 and trained for four years. Sam's highlight in karate was competing in the European Championships in Italy in 2008.

After a break of three years Sam is back training again and I thought I should update our current members on the depth of karate that Sam brings back with him.

I have also posted Sam's old member page, just click on "members" and then "Sam Dennis" to see some video of Sam training in Italy and sparring with Sensei Paul, IJKA England's coach, I think Sam won!

Below is a repeat post from 2008 to show what Sam got up to. Sam seemed to be a little confused.... had he travelled to Venice for the karate of for something else?

Sam seemed to maintain a good balance of training and enjoying what Italy had to offer.

Above: Sam doing some Pre-Comp training

We performed quite a few kata during our morning beach training, to the front of Sam is the Bulgarian chief Instructor.

Above: Sam performs Tekki Shodan

Sam is one of the early karateka to attack Sensei Milena.

Above: Sam attacks Sensei Milena

As with all competition there is a lot of waiting around.

Above: Sam sits and waits

Sam had the honour of leading in the England team, despite it having the union flag and not the George cross on it.

Above: Sam with the England banner

Sam has bags of potential which I am sure will be realised over the next few years, at only eleven years old it is all in front of him.

Above: Sam borrows some medals and trys them for size

Sam seemed to do more than his fair share for international relations, his biggest fan was one of the bar maids at the sports village, who was fascinated by Sam's "lovely blue eyes" ...uck!

Above: Sam with his No1 Italian Fan

Sam uses the 2 hour boat trip to Venice to chat to his increasing fan club.

Above: Sam with Jackie from Ireland

Above: Sam attracts some more fans

Above: Sam and Liz

Above: Becks, Sam and Claire (from Ireland)

Above: Sam selects a boat for entertaining

Above: Sam meets a new fan in Venice

Above: Sam with some more fans

I am sure Sam is now taller than Sensei Helen, but not in Italy, Helen brings him down to size.

Above: Sam and Sensei Helen

Sam, you will soon have to start your own international fan club to keep up with all your admirers.

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  • Thanks Paul, I thought these pictures were long gone! It's quite embarrassing looking at them now but I must admit I do seem to have a lot of admirers. But yes 'The boy is back' Osu!
    Sam Dennis

    By Blogger sam dennis, at 1:00 PM  

  • Thanks Paul, I thought these picyures were long gone by now! They're a bit embarrassing but it was a good time. And yes 'The Boy Is Back' Osu!
    Sam Dennis

    By Blogger sam dennis, at 1:03 PM  

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