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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's the point?

Last weekend the JKS England squad session was taken by special guest Instructor Sensei Paul Giananndrea from Scotland, a great time had by all (except the squats).

Sensei Paul's focus was :
  • How not to get hurt
  • How to score points
  • How to stop being scored against
  • A great session over two and half hours, but what I want to focus on was when sensei called up pairs and asked the big crowd of judges "was it a point , or not?".

    So what actually are the criteria of scoring a point in kumite and for scoring in kata?

    The following are extracts from the JKS Rules:

    The criteria of judgement for scoring a point in kumite are as follows:
    1. Correct stance and good attitude.
    2. Strong spirit.
    3. Suitable distance and timing.
    4. Correct grasp of objective.
    5. Course of techniques and target.

    Above : Point or No Point?

    Match Judgement for kata is based on the following criteria:
    1. Correctness of order of kata and course of techniques.
    2. Presence of the 3 elements: strength, Elasticity of body and speed control of techniques.
    3. Correctness of kata course (Embusen), and the smoothness of foot movements (Unsoku).
    4. Use of a technique with understanding of its meaning.
    5. Good unity and good characterisation of a technique.
    6. Correct aim at the target and method of breathing.
    7. Presence of power in basic techniques and its correct use.
    8. Presence of a strong spirit.
    9. Completeness of Kamae and Zanshin.
    10. Good manners and good attitude.
    11. Feet and hands in correct form.
    12. Correct grasp of objective.
    13. Absence of exaggerated movement.
    14. Absence of speed control.
    15. Good control and unification of the demonstration, in the case of a group match.
    16. Correct course for tsuki, uchi, keri and uke.
    17. Correct standing posture.
    18. No reduction in points for moving out of competition area.
    19. No lifting of the back leg’s heal when in a stance.
    20. Smoothness of continuation after an error in the kata was made.
    21. Pause to think of the next movements of the kata.
    22. No wearing, holding or carrying of any unnecessary items during the kata.

    At the end of training Wendy handed out the new squad jackets for yet another photo opportunity.

    To all our squad members firstly remember sensei Paul's top 3 tips and consider the criteria required for points and good luck, Osu!

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