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Sunday, June 19, 2011

York Course and Grading

Above: The Course Photo
Wow! What a course!!

Many thanks to Campbell Sensei and Koike Sensei for a great day, and what a day it was for our clubs, Selby, Haxby, York and JKS York (Schools).

Above: The Course Slideshow

Please take a look at the members grading table , click on "Members" in the sidebar. Your New Grade has been recorded.
If you click on your name it will take you to your very own members page.
All our new members that have graded for the first time today, your member pages are now live.

A very quick run through how you all did:
Lee, Kira, Louis & Finlay all had good gradings and graded to 12th Kyu (Orange belt + 1 Tag)
Emily Double grade to 11th Kyu (Orange Belt + 2 Tags)

Charlotte & Phoebe graded to 9th Kyu ( Red Belt + 1 Tag)
Jamie Pearson passed 1 1/2 gradings to (Red Belt + 2 Tags)

Jamie Bellerby really pulled the stops out and graded to 5th Kyu (Purple Belt), Koike Sensei marked your Kihon as very strong, excellent effort.

Josh and Abby I was amazed at your gradings, I felt that you both had a good chance at obtaining half an Adult grade, you both got a full adult grade. On top of that Josh's Kihon was marked as above average and Kumite as well above average. Abby's Kihon was marked well above average, super, very good ( I think Koike Sensei liked it) and Kumite well above average also. It is too easy to forget that Josh and Abby are only 10 and 11 respectively.

Above : Bex and her Ninjas

Bex, you have done a great job with your "Little Ninjas", you can be very proud of them.

Congratulations to all the students that graded today from all the clubs, Osu!

A final special mention to Eleanor and Mike from York Shotokan Karate Club, Shodan! Wear your belts with pride and look forward to a new beginning in your training, Osu!

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