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Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Less is More"

"Less is More" a very well known phrase originally from Robert Browning in the 19th Century. Yesterday the context of the phrase referred to Sensei Steve Carless. Matt, Bex and I had travelled to the Kaizen-No-Michi dojo in Grimsby, home of Sensei Andrew and Jackie Jones to join them in their training session with Sensei Steve before their gradings.

Above : The Course

We have all trained with Sensei Steve in Nottingham on Black and Brown belt courses, he is the JKS England squad coach. Sensei Steve has a very informative, motivational style of instruction which is well received from karateka of all ages and grades. The session was action packed from start to finish. We are sure that Sensei Steve must also be a gymnast because Matt and myself wondered if we were going to survive the warm ups before the session had even started.

Above : Matt, Sensei Andrew, Jackie and Steve, Bex and Paul

The session started with correct front stance, Hamni and Shomen, Stepping back driving yori-ashi, striking, strangling and take downs. The session finished with Meikyo which fortunately Matt and I had practiced 2 weeks early for a whole session at Hambleton.

A great training session, Sensei ne Rei, Andrew and Jackie , many thanks for the invite and we look forward to seeing you at today's course with Sensei Alan and Koike, Osu!

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