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Monday, September 14, 2009

Claire is back!

Just eight weeks after Tia was born Claire is back training. Claire was in her Gi on Sunday and I was very grateful to her for her assistance in the lower grade class, while Sensei Andy "beasted" the higher grades in the Gym.
I was able to split the class into 9th Kyu and below and 8th Kyu and above. Even when lower grades are doing single techniques they can still get confused. Having Claire out front to follow was a great benefit.
Although Baby Tia is only 8 weeks old she has attended approx 10 karate sessions, watching her big brother Josh. I am sure I saw a definite snap as she kicked out from her chair. Tia doesn't even seem to be too bothered when the class KIA!
Claire, just take it easy over the next few weeks and leave the flying kicks for next year.

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  • Wow! Well done Claire. Its good to hear your back in training, I bet you've missed it!


    By Anonymous Helen Milner, at 2:24 PM  

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