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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Congratulations Sarah!

On Friday I bumped into an old friend at a firework party, Sarah Cooke. Sarah started training with us when we first moved our club to Barlby in November 2003.
Sarah trained for 18 months until July 2005 and gained the rank of 8th Kyu, Sarah was juggling bringing up a young family and a degree course with her karate and something had to give.
I think it was Enodea Sensei that said "Family first, work second and Karate third".
Although Sarah has not trained for two years she asked about everyone in the club, she told me that she had included her Karate certificates in her CV, Sarah is very proud of her achievements in Shotokan and had recently got a job as an occupational therapist following her graduation.
Well done Sarah, 8th Kyu Karate ......Shodan in Occupational Therapy. Osu!
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