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Monday, October 22, 2007

Celebrate with Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Our club goes from strength to strength!

We have quite a few things to celebrate:

  • We will shortly be moving our dojo from the community school to the high school at Barlby just up the road. We will have use of the dance studio with mirrored walls and the gym, date to follow.
  • We will be running a beginners course with no training fees until March 2008, yes March 2008, more details to follow.
  • Fees for a parent and child or two children will reduce, yes go down!
  • The school is a sports academy and we will be working with the sports development officers to promote karate in Selby.
  • Sensei Andy Denby has been training with us for the best part of a year and is a great asset to our club. In recognition of his commitment to karate and especially the SSKC, he will be invited to take on the role of senior instructor. Sensei Ashley will of course remain the clubs chief instructor as the clubs longest serving Dan grade. Sensei Andy's knowledge of Kihon, Kata and Kumite seem endless, perhaps it is the 30 years experience? His ashi-bari is quite mean as well, you probably won't see it coming! Sensei, Osu! There is a link to Sensei Andy's member page in the side bar but give him a chance, it will take a while to get it all written down.

If you have jumped into the middle of our blog via a search engine you may want to go to our latest post; please follow the link below that will relaunch the blog

  • SSKC latest post

    • Congratulations to SSKC on this fantastic news. Although I have not train at SSKC for a long while, it still has a big place in my heart, especially after being so warmly welcomed a few months ago for you club competition. It gave me the foundations for my karate as it is today, and have taken many of the the things learnt there, at York and at Whitchurch with me into my journey in Wado Ryu.
      It really gives me pleasure to see the club go from strength to strength, and to lower fees is an incredible gesture by the club.
      Congratulations to Sensei Andy as well, his presence at the club will only take it further.
      All the best to everyone at SSKC.



      By Blogger Ian Culpan, at 8:57 PM  

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