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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Training With Sensei Scott Langley

Above : Sensei Scott Langley 5th Dan JKS

Helen, Dave Rebecca and I travelled down to Loughborough today at the invitation of Sensi Hans Ranah to train with Sensei Scott Langley. Sensei Scott is the technical director of JKS GB & Ireland and is based in Dublin. Sensei Ian Shaw brought to my attention that his flyer for the course has Sensei Scott as a 5th Dan and mine which had been printed off a couple of months ago as a 4th Dan. So firstly let me first offer our congratulations from all your friends in the IJKA, Osu!

Sensei Scott's course had something for everyone what ever your grade from beginner to experienced Dan grade. Sensei instructed on the development of technique from Kihon to advanced technique in kumite. Sensei talked about speed being the key to effective technique something that is often replaced by power by most of us. Sensei also developed techniques that helped control kime, by not holding it too long.

Above: Paul, Sensei Keith, Rebecca, Sensei Scott, Helen and Dave

Sensei Hans, now we know where you are we hope we can come down again and hopefully encourage a few more karateka to come along as well. Many thanks for inviting us, Osu!

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