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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bassai Dai / Bassai Sho

Gullen Sensei has been trying to introduce me to Bassai Sho over the last few weeks, but it just didn't seem to be going in. Some katas I seem to pick up reasonably quickly , but Bassai Sho is not going to be one of them. I would prefer to concentrate on Basai Dia, Jion and Kanu Dai but Sensei had other ideas.

The other Thursday night Sensei Mike Gude decided to do Bassai dai with the Brown belts and then went onto Bassai Sho.

While if I can't beat them I thought I must try and make some sort of attempt to get my head round the kata.

On Sunday I asked Sensei Andy Denby if he would take us through the kata and the sequence of moves is almost there.

Nakayama Sensei stated "Bassai Sho should be practiced after mastering Bassai Dai...Bassai Dai outwardly showing power and Bassai Sho an inner strength. While if I wait until I have mastered Bassai Dai I will never start, will I?

It seems a big step to Shodan, no longer am I trying to improve on previous kata and learn a new one, suddenly there are lots of kata to learn and in no particular fixed order.

Thank you to all my Sensei for your patience, i'll just keep trying.

Looking forward to Kato Shihan's course at the weekend.


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