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Thursday, August 24, 2006

York Shotokan Karate Club's New Website

Pictured is Kev and James from York Club back in March 2005, James has just completed the new York website, congratulations!

There were no pictures of James on the site so I thought I would embarrass him and put one of his on this site instead.

I have updated the link in the sidebar to take you straight there, go and have a look or just key in www.yorkshotokankarateclub.co.uk you will never forget that URL will you.

See how relaxed James looks in the picture (not), while he hasn't got much better in the 18 months since the photo, I can't really talk because I still need to work on relaxing, its just when Sensei says speed and power, everything seems to change...don't know why...Adrenaline?

Well done James, every club although run by our Senseis are built on its members, a message to all Karateka, if our clubs are to survive please take an active role whenever you can otherwise your club may be the next to disappear.

The more the students can give the more the Sensei will give back, even your Sensei needs to be motivated and who is in a better position than their students. You don't need to be a senior grade to get involved, just ask your Sensei what you can do to help.


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