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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Black and Brown Belt Cse - JKS - Nottingham

I popped down to train with Alan Sensei last Sunday, just for a couple of hours (I need all the extra training I can get).

Although I manage to train three times a week in the York area, I do not have the opportunity of training regularly in dedicated B&B belt sessions. I do feel the need to train outside both the physical and mental comfort zones, if I am ever going to progress.
The session started with a minutes silence for Asai sensei and then we went into some basic blocks.

Alan Sensei's theme was from Asai Sensei's teaching of using the joint as well as the muscle. Sensei was trying to get us to concentrate on a flowing technique. The idea being for the block not to be two moves of preparation and execution but for the preparation to flow straight into the execution. Both arms were swung with no tension in a loose movement, with the feeling that the joint assisted the change of direction at the completion of the backswing.
Each technique was done from Shizen-tai 4 times and on the 5th swing we would step forward or back into stance and complete the technique. This was done for all the basic blocks.

We did some Quad muscle exercise that I don't want to repeat for a while, still feeling the effects today! Old joints on an old bloke!

We also did some movement exercises, moving in a tight group, avoiding collisions, and then progressed to punching and blocking still moving in a very tight area, shifting weight and changing direction constantly.

The last part of the training was non syllabus kata. We did three katas only one that I have done briefly before Joko Issei, one was related to Unsu and one I believe had been taught on the Edinburgh JKS Cse. I'm not going to get into the 26 kata forum again... But here is my final thoughts on it...Honest. Alan Sensei told us not to try and remember the sequence of the kata as we went through them, but try and take away from the session a little of what Asai Sensei was developing in his teaching. Asai Sensei was trying to get us to relax to enable us to move freely, which in the end will allow us to develop speed and power.

I am just under 1.9m and of a heavy build, I need to relax, still haven't got there yet, but still working on it. I did as Sensei asked and concentrated on the turning movements and the shifting of weight rather than having to remember all the moves. I still cant remember three new kata in 30 minutes but I may be a stage nearer to being able to move a little easier.

For a informed comment regarding kata from Langley Sensei go to www.thejks.com/pages/newfangled.asp

Again Sensei thank you for your hospitality, Osu!


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