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Monday, June 19, 2006

Course with Uwe Schwehm 6th Dan JKS

Above:- Sensei's Alan and Uwe (archive photo)

Over last weekend Rebecca and myself went to train with Uwe Sensei in Nottingham. The course was hosted by Alan Campbell Sensei chairman of JKS (GB) and Ireland.
Uwe Sensei is technical director for the JKS in Germany and has been German champion 15 times in kata and kumite.
Uwe Sensei course was based on movement and weight transfer. Moving in and out of distance and moving and attacking on the open and blind sides.
Alan Sensei also did 30 minutes or so on close quarter defense and counters.
Rebecca was a little apprehensive about training with another association, but as always Alan Sensei and his karateka made us very welcome.
It was a little disappointing that the course was not better supported (perhaps due to temperatures being in the high twenties).
I would encourage all karateka to travel and train with our extended karate family, while remaining loyal to your own Sensei and association.
Uwe Sensei, many thanks for a great course! I will be putting into practice some of your training shortly, just need a few more hours practice first.

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    • Cool to see that Selby Shotokan Karate Club is still going strong.
      I used to train under Sensei Steve Cook back in the early days (Over 20 years ago) at St. Marys Hall and Selby Community Centre. My name is Andy Bailey and I am still practising martial arts although have diversified into Kick Boxing now and teach in Durham. Still keep dipping in to Shotokan and regularly train with other Kareteka. Even entered a few competitions recently. Would be great to here from some of my old fellow students including Ashley Dilcock who was only 8 years old when I started.

      By Blogger AndyB, at 2:14 PM  

    • Forgot to add my email address. Please don't send any junk mail to this. Hopefully only genuine Karateka read this blog and will not abuse this.


      By Blogger AndyB, at 2:43 PM  

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