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Friday, January 27, 2006

Discount Gis and Belts

We offer Blitz gis at discounted prices:

The student Gi is a quality suit complete with a white belt in 100% cotton in sizes from 100cm to 210cm tall. 100 to 160 cm are £10 and 170cm and above are £15. We will normally have these in stock.

We will also obtain the following Gis to Order:

Silver Tournment Gi: A 14oz European cut Gi sizes 140cm to 210cm (Available in half sizes).
140 to 155cm - £20; 160 to 175cm - £25; 180 to 195cm - £27; above 195cm - £35

White Diamond Gi - A 14 oz Japaneese cut suit with 2 pairs of pants, Kata and Kumite. 100% canvas and cotton, 140 to 210cm: below 160cm - £50, 160 to 175cm - £55, above 175cm - £60.

Belts are available for £2.50 in junior/250cm, Snr / 280cm and XL/310 cm

The discounted price represents about 30 to 35% off the RRP.

Just ask Paul when he is training at your club.


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