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Friday, December 02, 2005

29/30th October 2005 - Open JKS Course

On Saturday and Sunday the 29th and 30th October 2005 I went down to train in Nottingham with Sensei Alan Campbell JKS (GB) Chairman and Sensei Koike JKS (Switerland).

As I am (slowly) working towards my dan grading and I try and attend any local courses I can.
At the IJKA we have strong links with the JKS under the direction of Asai Shihan.

Sensei Campbell is a former National Kata and Kumite Champion and Sensei Koike is I believe the only sensei that has completed both the JKA and JKS instructor courses at the relevant Hombu dojos.

Sensei Koike instructed Hangetsu and absoption training. Sensei managed to link the two lessons and didn't disappoint with his bunkai. Sensei Koike is renowned for his bunkai.

Sensei Campbell taught resistance training, your Kihon had to be good because any fault in your technique is amplified by the resistance of the rubber tube. It proved to be one of the most tiring things I have tried.

Sensei - Thank you for your hospitality - Osu!


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